We Make Our Own Ductwork

Here at Superior Comfort Inc. we fabricate, design, insulate and install all of our own Ductwork. Having our own Ductwork shop is something that sets us apart from other HVAC companies. Superior Comfort Inc. takes pride in having our very own fabricating team, using state of the art technology to ensure that each piece is made efficiently and precise. Our experienced technicians and fabricator are constantly learning and gaining knowledge to be the best that we can in the HVAC industry. Our fabricator takes his time to ensure high quality Ductwork and design every time.

Did you know it’s important to have quality Ductwork installed in your home or commercial building?

Think of what it’s like to drink out of a straw with holes/breaks in them, it is almost impossible to get the liquid from the container into your mouth. Well if your Ductwork has holes or tears this can cause the system to work much harder to push the heated or cooled air to its goal.

Custom made Ductwork from Superior Comfort Inc. will ensure proper air flow traveling throughout the system helping lower your monthly utility bills. You could be wasting 20-30% on your energy bills every month if your system does not have custom fitted Ductwork for you particular building or home.

If your ductwork is too large or too small your system is going to work harder or throw off uneven air temperature throughout the space.

Because Superior Comfort Inc. makes our own custom Ductwork it keeps the cost down on the project which in turn brings the savings back to our customers. Call Superior Comfort Inc. today to get your Ductwork updated or installed 401-396-9171.

Overall we can make your HVAC system more efficient, sized properly, higher quality and most importantly saving you money.