Starting an HVAC Company

When you call a full service HVAC company do you ever wonder how exactly that company came to be? How does one decide to take that path in life?

I asked the owner of Superior Comfort Incorporated a heating, cooling, refrigeration, and geothermal specialist company located in Bristol RI these questions. The HVAC trade is definitely not for the weak hearted or the lazy. The mechanical interest tends to start fairly young.  The owner said he has always had a mechanical interest since child hood. He would take apart a toy just to rebuild them again, he wanted to see “how they worked,” toy trucks stand out in his mind. No he never attempted a furnace, boiler, or air conditioner before age 10.

He did however start working summers in New York at the age of 13 for his uncle who owned his own HVAC business.  The owner of Superior Comfort Incorporated really enjoyed these summers and even looked forward to them!

After high school he went to school full time as a day student because of his interest in the HVAC industry, and worked 8-10 hour shifts in a machine shop at night. After completing his education he then worked for a local HVAC company for 10 years until he opened his own Heating, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, and geothermal business.

Superior Comfort Inc. started out of the owners own home, his basement to be more accurate!  With one vehicle and two 2 employees, the owner and the bookkeeper, Superior Comfort Inc. was created.  Deliveries would come right to his home where his wife would open the garage for their delivery guys.  One gentlemen who delivers TRANE equipment still remembers starting out at owners home. Superior Comfort Incorporated was moved to its new location, still in Bristol RI, only two years after being opened.

I asked the owner what some of his struggles were and maybe still are. He responded “Learning how to operate a business at first was difficult, there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on daily.

At the beginning getting the HVAC work to make enough money to feed and support his family was not always easy. People did not know the companies name yet, so when they were looking for someone to fix or install a new boiler, furnace, or air conditioner His companies name may not have been the first to come to mind.  Also setting up accounts with wholesale vendors was a big struggle, to get credit, no one wants to sell to you without background. Two suppliers that were helpful were Plumbers Supply and F.W.  Webb. both know the owner from the past and helped to get him an account set up. This helped build his credit and reach out to more vendors. Employee motivation!! The owner actually has taken classes on business management leadership and business development to help learn about different personality traits and how to motivate them.  It is not any easy task to get over 20 people to work together simultaneously and creatively. Local contractors were great at the beginning of Superior Comfort’s establishment. We became one of the biggest and most sustainable in the industry, we started doing new construction and slowly built our highly qualified service department.


The vision the owner had for Superior Comfort Incorporated was to educate consumers on high efficiency equipment and helping their customers make more energy efficient choices. Other companies did not take the time 10 years ago to educate and incorporate more efficient energy saving solutions.

Superior Comfort Incorporated takes pride in providing green alternatives to the standard practices. For example solar water heating and geothermal heat pumps for commercial and residential properties are one of their great accomplishments. Superior Comfort Incorporated has been doing geothermal for over 10 years in Rhode Island and southern mass. Superior Comfort Incorporated is one of the top geothermal installers in Rhode Island. Working closely with Climate Master Super Comfort Inc. is an eco-friendly business that has dedicated itself to providing solutions that meet these needs.

Some strengths he feels Superior Comfort Incorporated has gathered over the last 10 years plus is definitely customer service. His office staff and technicians go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Their continuing dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets Superior comfort Inc. apart from all competitors. System design is one of Superior Comfort Incorporates great strengths. ———

Today Superior Comfort Incorporated is known throughout the industry for high efficiency and complex heating and air conditioning systems in residential and light commercial. Superior Comfort has done homes of all sizes and appraisements. We proudly support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and many local pet shelters.



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