Our First Home Show: Tips, Ideas & Thoughts For You!

A Home Show for any company of any trade is a big deal! Your first Home Show however is even bigger. You are going into “unknown territory” if you will, and it can be intimidating. Superior Comfort Inc. is an HVAC company located in Bristol, RI and we did our first Home Show this year. It all started with a simple conversation, which the owner got wind of and his reply was “let’s do it.”

Well that’s the easy part, the decision to do it. As a heating, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and geothermal company, Superior Comfort Inc. won’t be the only HVAC company at the Home Show. We thought we should do our “homework” and see what the competition is all about. So our first step was to attend one. We went to the Jenks Home Show that was held in November at The RI Convention Center in Providence, RI. We went around to different booths and asked questions, questions about their experiences past and present with the Home Show advertising, we also looked at their displays to get an idea of what type of booth we would like to have that would represent Superior Comfort Inc. We also spoke to the management in charge of the Jenks Home Show to get an idea of what pricing would be like and what was an was not included in that price. There were several other Heating and Air conditioning contractors advertising at the Home Show. So with our brains full, notebooks packed with information and ideas about our own HVAC booth we were on our way.

Next step was to decide how we, Superior Comfort Inc., would be distinguished from our competition. What did Superior Comfort Inc. have that others HVAC companies did not? Well for one Superior Comfort Inc. is the number one geothermal dealer in Rhode Island. We have been doing it, and doing it well for over ten years. Geothermal energy is heat from the Earth. It is clean, sustainable, has a net zero carbon emission, and is reliable. Thus reducing your carbon foot print and giving you the opportunity to be net zero, not dependent on electricity or fossil fuel sources if coupled with solar. Another way Superior Comfort Inc. could distance themselves from our competition in the HVAC industry was the fact that we are the only Trane Comfort Specialists in the state of Rhode Island. A Trane Comfort Specialists means, we Superior Comfort Inc. an independent Trane dealer, are committed to being the best at installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training. Not every dealer qualifies as a Trane Comfort Specialist, but rather only those that meet Trane’s stringent standards and who demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing education. These dealers are committed to trainings that keep everyone up to date with Trane’s latest technology, ensuring that you receive a system that is designed to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort, as well as a system that delivers the efficiency that its ratings promise and that you expect.

Now for the fun part, our booth display. Superior Comfort Inc. finds it extremely important to work with local businesses, keeping it local is key! Our research led us to a local and very popular company called Displays2Go. They are located right here in Bristol RI, and are very knowledgeable. We worked back to back with them for all our HVAC displays we needed. Knowing it was our first Home Show they went above and beyond from beginning to end. Picking out a display took a lot of thought, especially since it was our first Home Show, what was going to work? What was not? That was something we would have to take our best educated decision on and see what the outcome was after the Show. For example I ordered (2) 8’ fitted table clothes, they looked super sharp! BUT I would have been better off with the 6’ table cloth, the space did not need a table that big and I only had 6’tables at the shop!! You can make as many lists and notes as you want, something will go wrong, just expect it and go with the flow. I didn’t know or buy new tables till the day of the set up. After we received all the things we ordered from Displays2Go we had a trial run of setting up our whole display at our HVAC shop in Bristol, to work out any kinks, this I highly recommend, it took us a few tries to get it right! Also save all your boxes for storage for future use.

Giveaways, what do you want to hand out to represent your company? Sounds easy but with a budget and a vision it may not be. It took me quite a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to use and from whom. I wanted something they were most likely going to use, keep and wouldn’t break the bank. Remember it was our FIRST Home Show so we had to buy everything. Do your research, look at more than one company and read their reviews. Look at the shipping cost and the cost to add your logo, as that can be an extra charge. As a heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and geothermal company I had to decide what would be a good representation of our company’s philosophy.

Preparing, you cannot prepare enough. Expect setbacks and a few mess ups, and that’s ok! I read so many online blogs and reviews my eyes were crossed, I made check lists upon checklist. We had a meeting at the shop with our employees who were working the booth to review everything they would need to know; from time and place to booth etiquette. Our Superior Comfort Inc. employees had a Trane refresher course and were given brochures to study. Team work is the biggest part right here, if we, Superior Comfort Inc. did not work together we would have failed. Our Technicians, salesmen, and office staff came together and did an amazing job. I was so proud of everyone!

While at the RI Home Show we were busy! Bring water, protein bars, mints, and your game face. You will meet so many new people and some of your existing customers as well! It was easy to talk to the people who stopped by our booth, telling them all the wonderful things Superior Comfort Inc. has to offer from maintenance agreements, air quality to control, 24 hour emergency service, to commercial and residential installations and services. Give your staff breaks and accommodate them. Walk around look at everything else that is going on, that way you can take it all in for future use, and you are able to converse with visitors walking by about what is happening around them.

After the Home Show I made notes of things that I would do differently. Reflected on how I thought everything turned out. Of course your work is not done there, now you follow up. That’s the most important part, after all your time, money, and heart you put into a weekend of competitive advertising you have to follow up with those leads and create customers. My main concern was I did not want to be pushy or that annoying office person who calls you a thousand times, I want you to have a positive impression of Superior Comfort Inc. I hope this information helps! Feel free to reach out to me or any staff member here at Superior Comfort Inc.

Warmest Regards,
Sherry Ledsworth
Marketing Manger

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