Indoor Air Quality is Essential to Your Health

We think of cleanliness and immediately think of our hands, house, & maybe even car. But what about the air you breathe? Superior Comfort Inc. an HVAC company located in Bristol R.I. specializes in Indoor Air Quality, we want you and your family to breathe the cleanest air available. We have many air quality solutions to offer you.

There may be more pollutants in your home than a homeowner is even aware of. The air in your home can actually be up to five times more polluted than the outside air! The way new homes are being built better insulated; they are also holding in more pollutants while keeping out the outside elements. The average home can generate up to 40 pounds of dust per 1,500 square foot of space every year, gross right? Even worse, one ounce of dust can contain up to 40,000 dust mites!!! A visual I did not need. We have the ability to make the air in your home cleaner, fresher and healthier for you and your family. Did you know children actually breathe 50% more air than adults? I know I want to help make my children’s air they breathe as clean as possible. We promote healthy living conditions by reducing the potential for bacteria and viruses in your home. Here at Superior Comfort, we promote healthy living conditions by reducing the potential for bacteria and viruses in your home, we want to educate you, our consumers on indoor air quality to keep your family safe and healthy. To learn more about indoor air quality and what we can do for your home, give us a call at 401-396-9171! It’s time to put your family’s health first!

Superior Comfort Inc. is Trane Comfort Specialists, meaning we have met Trane’s stringent standards for customer service and product education. That being said we use Trane Clean Effects equipment to clean and freshen your air. This is a patented whole-house filtration system that removes 99.98% of allergens from filtered air. It is up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1” filter. That’s good news right? More good news: You can maintain your Trane Clean Effects by simply sliding out the reusable filter and vacuuming it once a month and cleaning the collection cells every 6 to 9 months. That sounds good to me, better than 40,000 dust mites per every ounce of dust in my home; I will never look at the dust on my tv the same again.

Superior Comfort Inc. can perform a thorough inspection of your home’s ventilation and air intake sources, which will let you know where you stand right now with your current system. In order to optimize indoor air quality, the best possible level of ventilation must be ascertained for your home and then established. Superior Comfort Inc. will evaluate your home’s air intake systems and modify them as necessary to achieve optimal air flow. Goodbye allergens, respiratory difficulties, & bacteria. Who wouldn’t want to minimize these things! Smoke, pollen, hair, & pet dander are all air contaminants we would all like to reduce in our homes, I am sure! We’ll also check possible air pollutants within your home, like stoves and heating systems, and make adjustment so that they’re operating at a safe air capacity. When necessary, we can also add air filtration systems to your home to filter possible contagions.

Superior Comfort Inc. is committed to being the best in every aspect of our business, installation, service, refrigeration, employee training, and customer satisfaction. Here at Superior Comfort Inc., we, take pride in what we do. We are an energy efficient company that believes in educating not only our employees but also the consumer in every aspect of the job.

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