Fall Pre-Season HVAC Maintenance

Think about this, when do most people call a heating and cooling contractor?
The most common answer is, when they have a problem. The majority of these problems always seem to happen at the worst time. In the middle of the night, the coldest of the year or during a family gathering the furnace stops working.

You can avoid this aggravation by scheduling a fall pre-season on your system. Superior Comfort Inc. located in Bristol RI, offers maintenance agreements to our customers. During these pre-seasons our technicians will switch on your heating equipment and inspect it. By turning your heating system on before the cold starts, our technicians can make sure it is running smoothly and prepared for the colder months ahead. A little preventative maintenance can save you stress and dollars when a real emergency comes up. Look on our website for money saving coupons.

Keep your heating system at its peak performance by having Superior Comfort Inc. do an Annual Pre-season checkup is a smart and simple solution. In the winter months your heating system could be considered the heart of your home. By properly maintaining your system it will work better and last longer. Servicing your system now will ensure your heating system will be ready when you are.

Just a few of the things that will take place while our technician is in your home:
Filter changes, thermostat inspection, electrical components tested, oil motors as needed, check air flow, and inspect heat exchanger for possible cracks, cracks could produce carbon monoxide into your living space! When it comes to your heating system, preventative maintenance matters most of all. The trained professionals from Superior Comfort Inc. will make sure your furnace is operating as safely and efficiently possible. With proper cleaning, lubricating and correcting, your system will last longer and use less energy, saving you money. Dirty or clogged filters can result in air flow problems. Air flow issues from fan motors, belts and bearings, can cause overheating. Thermostat malfunctions and ignition control complications might lead to intermittent or no heat. All of these things are easily prevented with seasonal tune-ups. Even more important, for the safety of your family, are carbon monoxide checks, adequate combustion air and equipment clearances.

By scheduling an appointment with Superior Comfort Inc., you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your heating systems will be ready when you need it most. Contact us and set up a service plan today. Superior Comfort Inc services all of Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts and some of Connecticut.

If your home has a boiler system you could Lower Your Fuel Bills with Boiler Service. Your fuel bill could easily be twice as high as it should be. Over time, any working machine will suffer wear and tear, gradually losing efficiency and wasting energy. This adds up faster than the cost of seasonal maintenance, especially when considering the very strong possibility of necessary repairs. Your boiler will benefit from a thorough and proficient tune-up. Our certified specialists are experienced with firetube boilers, watertube boilers and all connected auxiliary equipment. We’ve worked on both dated and modern heating systems, improving longevity and dependability. For the safety of your family and your own peace of mind, have your boiler inspected every year. Just because your boiler is still working, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working at peak capability. Superior Comfort Inc. will pinpoint any issues so that you aren’t faced with replacing your boiler on the coldest holiday of the year.

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